Team Challenge – Can you do it? | 2015-08-07

At ioda we use a highly interactive team challenge to bring out the best in our learners, enabling them to realise their true potential and experience the feeling of real success. The challenge requires creativity, tenacity, team synergy and continuous improvement; all with great humour. It works for staff at all levels, from local teams to Chief Officers.

Our News section provides information on the most recent performances, with the leading team given their own section. The challenge, of course, is how long can they stay on top?

Some teams that have recently undertaken the challenge:

The Planks Management Challenge: The group from the 5th Tier Management Development Programme at Central Bedfordshire Council recently undertook the ‘planks’ team challenge as part of their Leading Change and Continuous Improvement module and achieved an incredible time of 4.83 seconds. "It was a pleasure to watch you grow, challenge each other and watch your processes to deliver a creative and innovative solution achieving real team synergy and success." A truly impressed facilitator – Sean Stokoe, although unfortunately they didn’t take a photograph!

The Planks Management Challenge: The small group from Cohort 8 of the 4th Tier Management Development Programme at Central Bedfordshire Council embarked on the ‘Planks’ mission as part of their Engaging Others to Create a High Performance Culture module. They had some trepidation about the challenge due to the size of their group but innovation, tenacity, humour, mutual support and a desire to excel drove them to achieve a time of 16.4 seconds. Remarkable with only six people (one of whom had a bad back!) and witnessed by their facilitator Ruth Langdon.

Other teams that have taken the challenge include groups from:

  • NHS –East Midlands Leadership Academy (EMLA)
  • Carlisle City Council
  • Central Bedfordshire Council
  • States of Jersey (Channel Islands) Modern Manager Programme
  • Torbay Council
  • ANA Treatment Centres
  • Ports of Jersey Supervisors
  • Avon Fire and Rescue Service
  • Isle of Wight Council
  • Health Intelligence Team – Jersey Health Service
  • Combined IT Services – Luton & Beds and Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Services
  • Charge-hands and Supervisors – States of Jersey
  • Two Shires Ambulance Service – Management Programme
  • Central Bedfordshire Council


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