Wiltshire Council

At Wiltshire Council we have provided the corporate Assertiveness training as part of their ‘Staff Matters’ initiative. Staff and managers from departments across the council have attended the course. The feedback has been extremely positive and describes how the skills and techniques from the workshop will equip them to deal more confidently when meeting with staff, members of the public, colleagues, other professional bodies and partner agencies.

The success of this course can be demonstrated by the development of similar bespoke workshops for members of staff from their Highways Department and Councillors on the same topic.

Elected Members face challenging and conflicting demands from the public, each other and officers. Highways Coordinators need to have difficult conversations with contractors, other council departments and members of the public who all view their service from a different perspective. There are very often emotions and personal values involved in these interactions.

Our programme has provided skills and techniques to face and tackle these situations in a calm, structured and assertive way.


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