West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

ioda have worked with WYFRS since 2016 in delivering expert training in leadership, diversity and equality. They have facilitated sessions across the structure of the organisation making the training relatable and applicable to both senior and grassroots staff, as well as across the different functions of our organisation. They carry a huge amount of credibility with staff here, which has enhanced the impact of the training. Tools introduced in the training are already embedding into our organisation for the better.

As a business we have found Ioda to be cooperative and collaborative at every step of our relationship with them. From administrative aspects to planning and delivery they exude a level of professionalism and customer-centred attention that is most welcome. We have gladly and wholeheartedly referred Ioda onto other FRS’s and other organisations, and would willing do this again.


Chris Davey

Diversity Projects Officer

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service


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