Delegate Testimonial

“I have recently completed the States of Jersey Modern Manager Programme at level 7 with the CMI accreditation.

The course was delivered by ioda over a twelve month period using a series of two and three day interventions.

I was extremely impressed with the level of in-depth knowledge that ioda had about the States of Jersey and how they used that knowledge to stimulate debate amongst the cohort that supplemented and supported the practical learning of each session. Indeed their level of knowledge about the States of Jersey was only eclipsed by their knowledge of the subject matter itself, truly impressive.

ioda’s approach and style to the delivery of the subject matter was refreshing, professional and enthusiastic yet personal. As an older learner and someone who has not undertaken formal study for quite some time I was quite apprehensive about the course, I soon discovered that my apprehension was misplaced as the ioda team were very accessible and genuinely supportive; this was demonstrated by their readiness to receive e-mails and telephone calls out of hours.

I feel that I have been on a very positive personal learning journey that I have enjoyed and this is entirely due to ioda, therefore I would not have any hesitation in recommending ioda to any organisation or individual, they are second to none in my personal opinion.

I am also able to provide a contrasting view, that of line manager to those who have also completed a similar programme under the stewardship of ioda.

I have, over the last few years, been extremely impressed by the quality of engagement my Staff have shown in the management of their areas and the level of understanding they have regarding management models and practices which they enthusiastically deploy to make our Service better and a model for best practice.”

Nick Watkins
Head of Custodial Care
States of Jersey Prison Service


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