Delegate Testimonial

"I have learnt so much from my experience of MMP, and ioda have delivered an excellent training course that appropriately supported and challenged our learning.  They developed a great atmosphere within the group that also helped us through the process. 

The work was intensive, but certainly no more than we were led to believe prior to the course.  The content and delivery helped develop so many aspects of me as a manager, and I have developed my knowledge, skills and confidence so much as a result.  Learning and development are endless, but this has given so much in a defined timeframe. 

I have a much better understanding of myself as a person, as a manager, what my natural skills are, and what I still need to develop to improve my skills and make me more effective.  The module sessions were a pleasure; the 'homework' wasn't a pleasure but it was an effective way of focusing and developing our learning 'on the job'."

Senior Manager

NHS St Hellier


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