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ioda have provided a significant injection of fresh thinking and challenge to our improvement agenda. The leadership programme, developed jointly, has been rolled out across the whole organisation and it has really helped to deliver a significant culture change. It hasn’t just focussed on leadership models and theory, but importantly it is drawn on masses of best practice and examples from the public and private sector. The programme is not about telling leaders what they need to do but more about managers and leaders at all levels in understanding their own styles of leadership, the importance of thinking longer term and developing a stronger sense of self awareness. I would recommend ioda to a range of organisations and sectors as they are so versatile in understanding what the client is looking for now and in the future. We have worked with ioda for three years and it has been a huge asset to us as an organisation.  You need to be willing to learn and be challenged



Matthew Gladstone

Executive Director PLACE

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council


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