Laura Horne

Laura organises all the ioda team within an inch of their lives! Whether it’s booking flights, sorting accommodation, managing student work or simply listening to trainer feedback on how the day has gone, Laura is central to ensuring that we get to the right place, at the right time and have a bed to sleep in too.

When students have queries around their submissions for accredited programmes, Laura will be the contact that solves their problems and is key to ensuring that they keep their learning journey on track. This can be a stressful time for mature students, many of which have not studied since they were at school and Laura provides the sounding board and helping hand to get them through their period of study.

Ensuring that all support documentation gets to the right trainer and student is another string to Laura’s bow. Her administration skills are second to none when it comes to managing the distribution of all materials to the relevant people and ensuring that budgets are met in the meantime. Furthermore, since the inauguration of the ioda House training facility, Laura has assisted with the meet and greet of students into The Venue.


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