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Our bespoke one-day course provides an introduction to financial management for operational managers and staff. It leads the delegates through the organisations financial processes, using examples of their own financial systems and reports and de-mystifies terms, phrases and processes.

It is important to stress that this is not a finance/accountancy course. The emphasis is on understanding how the financial processes within the Council are managed, how budgets are developed, what are the key issues within the system, how can these be dealt with and who are the major players within the financial process.  Our trainer also ensures that there is minimal jargon used to ensure clarity and understanding.

The target audience of our programmes are often people who have taken on budgetary responsibility without any formal training and there is often a serious concern when asked ‘what is a budget’ and ‘how are they set’?  Our approach, format and content breaks through the reticence of staff and budget holders to engage with, and accept, budgetary management techniques. We forge links between the budget holders, managers and those who initially set the financial plans.


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