Carlisle City Council

In January 2014, we were invited to develop and deliver a series of one-day workshops to the managers and supervisors at Carlisle City Council. The six workshops were to be based on the headings in their Management Competency Framework:

  • Personal Performance
  • Self Management
  • Leading Others
  • Realising Potential
  • Delivering The Service
  • Making Things Happen

There were approximately 80 managers at the Council who could attend the workshops, dependent upon on their learning needs, as identified in their annual appraisal. The programme was developed in partnership with the L&D team at CCC along with input from the CMT, in particular, the Chief Executive.

The series of workshops were initially planned to be run only once but, due to the excellent feedback we received, this has been extended out for a further three cohorts and continues as a needs based delivery model.


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