Tamworth Borough Council

We were initially engaged by the Council to deliver Equality and Diversity awareness training to all staff and managers. Further to this request and to compliment the initial training, we also delivered Equality Impact Assessment Training and have provided 1 to 1 Coaching and Consultancy.

We subsequently worked on the second phase of Tamworth’s equality training which involved the delivery of team workshops to identify ways of improving service delivery on equality issues linking directly to the Local Government Equality Standard Level 3.

Following this initiative, we were asked to develop a Challenging Conversations course for managers and Team Leaders. This was as an acknowledgement that a manager’s role involved the need, on occasion, for a conversation to take place which is difficult for both the manager and the recipient and these were not taking place within the council. The purpose of the workshop was to provide delegates an opportunity to explore the communications they find challenging and to give them the insight and skills to have courageous conversations with confidence and effectiveness.



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