Bassetlaw District Council

The one-day manager’s programme was designed to drive a sea-change in attitudes in this group in relation to the consideration of Equality and Diversity when undertaking change. We worked with identified individuals within the Council to fully understand their way of working thus ensuring that this initiative was designed to dovetail into other programmes, for example the performance review and appraisal system, management competencies and their Equality Impact Assessment programme. It was also important that the management programme mirrored the organisation-wide staff programme so that the same models, theories and language were used.  This ensured that managers could continue their conversations with staff after the training and that that learning was taken back into the workplace to improve the quality of service delivered to the customer. 

This programme took the managers through a variety of interactive exercises to raise their understanding of the key aspects of Equality and Inclusion, moving into management strategies to improve performance linked to the attitude of their staff.

The organisation-wide programme was a half-day and was an introduction to Equality and Diversity, highlighting how it can positively affect behaviours in the workplace.

The feedback, across the organisation has been exceptional. From senior managers through to customer facing staff, the feeling was that the programme would definitely help them with their roles and that it had removed the fear that they had in relation to Equality and Inclusion.

ioda completed the programme within the desired 12 week period, through a variety of learning interventions.


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